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Bad Me!


I’ve been neglecting the internet world lately! I’ve just been SO busy with life and work and I just felt like breaking the internet ties for a bit.

I started reading the forums again (just browsing though) and posted some updated pics of my babies – who are both doing fabulously, by the way!

Since work has slowed down a lot, and I have too much free time, I decided I should start working on improving their diets (again) and station training.

As much as I love them flying over to hang out with me, sometimes I want them to stay at their designated spots. I am thinking of buying some large boings to hang over my desk so they have somewhere to hang out while I work… or maybe I’ll just rearrange my room completely, we’ll see!

Besides station training, Kyoko really needs to learn potty training (trying to teach her to fly to her cage when she needs to poop) and she does that about 60% of the time.

Also diet… I’ve been super lazy lately, and they usually just get their pellets with a seed mix, and a small dish of veggies. I think I will start making their veggie mash again, as well as some cooked pasta. I noticed they don’t really like their pellets, so this might be a good idea to help them get all the nutrients they need without having to choke down pellets, haha.

Despite that… that’s all 🙂