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Wow it’s almost been a month since my last post!
Life has been hectic. Since school ended I sleep ridiculous amounts, and then have to go to work. I am going to try to put myself onto a better schedule though, for both me and the birds!

The birds are fine. Kyoko has been more aggressive with Douglas lately, so I can never have her out when I just want to party with Douglas. His wings are starting to grow back, so I am impatiently waiting until he can start flying again!

Besides that it has been summer. It’s been overly warm, so we haven’t been able to go outside (since I work at 5:00 before it starts to cool down with the evening sun). Hopefully the weather will start to agree with us, and we can catch some more rays. Douglas has an Adventure Pack travel cage. I love them, but sadly not a lot of people carry them. I managed to get this one off of a friend on Avian avenue… just need to get one for Kyoko now! (she is  in a small hamster cage.. lol)

My birds now eat Harrison’s which is very exciting! Going to finish up the last of the Pretty Bird Gold and switch to Harrison’s full time. Might buy a small bag of Pretty Bird Gold (or Hagen’s Tropimix… which I can get at a local pet store) and use that for foraging… unsure yet!

Here is us sharing dinner a few nights ago. It was pasta with some white cream sauce (very little… I didn’t have a lot left). I decided to share with the birdies. Douglas kept trying to eat my mushrooms, but I wouldn’t let him… then he’d growl at me LOL. what a brat! I let him share my pasta, and he still wants more!


And now I leave you with a cute picture of wet Dougie.

Hopefully I’ll start blogging more soon 🙂


Funny Moments


Do you ever have some moments in your life that you can remember at any time, and it will ALWAYS produce a strong response from you? I have two of those with Kyoko.

First one (some of you may not find this as funny as I did…)
Last Christmas, my family and I were playing X-Box Kinect. I was playing a game where you slap balls that come flying at you away to score goals. So i was playing a ferocious game with my brother when suddenly Kyoko decided to come recall to my hand without me calling her. And SMACK! I literally spiked her to the ground! I felt so bad, and she was so indignant over the situation, like “DID YOU JUST DO THAT?” She was fine. Or else I wouldn’t be laughing… but it was just SO FUNNY. OMG. I still laugh so hard every time I think about it!!!!

Second one, this was way back when, when Kyoko was still a baby. She was just learning to perch, and one of my favourite bird stores had a cute swing on sale. It was a cotton snuggly ring, and it was a small. So I ordered it. Sadly, when I did order it, when they meant small, they meant extra-small.. like parrotlet sized! I decided to hang it in her cage anyways, so she can snuggle against it or play with it. Now, Kyoko was JUST learning to perch, so I thought this was hilarious… but as soon as I put the swing in, she tried VERY hard to sit inside of it. But she was just too big, and she kept trying and trying. It was so funny, and it broke my little heart…

So I went out to buy her a more appropriate sized one. Amazingly, it is still her favourite swing to this day 🙂

Cage Re-Do!


Kyo’s cage.


Dougie’s cage!




As you can see, I have a lot more pics of Dougie’s cage.. he has a lot more stuff. I try to keep it more open, which has worked a lot to get him to play, but Kyoko doesn’t use the bottom part of her cage, and just poops on EVERYTHING, so I keep the bottom pretty empty. She also doesn’t play as mucha s Dougie, and I need to take into account her large wingspan and tail!

Overall, I’m pretty happy. The only new things in the cage are the rope perches (which I haven’t had in MONTHS) made by Grey Feather Toys. They are custom made, and BEAUTIFUL! Not only are they so tightly wound, but also made of Stainless steel! (which is super hard to bend BTW!) Everything else is stuff I have hoarded over the past few years, or toys I’ve made myself, YAY!

Besides that, I finally found a good spot to hang the net a friend bought for me from Oliver’s Garden!

Dougie LOVES it, Kyoko doesn’t spend much time over there, haha.

Kyoko the Bully!


My little sweetie Kyoko has been very aggressive lately. Not so much with me (although if i have a toy in my hand, she will attack the toy.. which usually gets me!) but with Douglas. It’s funny because Douglas I thought was the bully, but it seems Kyoko is the true instigator!

She’s gotten to the point that if Douglas is near me and he moves even a little bit, she’ll fly over and dive bomb him! She’s even knocked him off a couple of perches!

I’ve been super reluctant to clip as she has never been clipped her whole life, and she is such a fantastic flyer, but I’m worried she’s going to hurt Douglas, or vice versa.

I’m also not sure if this could just be crazy hormones? It might be as it seemed to have come on very suddenly. But she isn’t even two yet? so I don’t know??

Is there anyway I can curb this behaviour, without having to clip? Or do you think it would be wiser to clip, and then do some behaviour modifications later?

Or… any suggestions?

Foot Toys from Oliver’s Garden


I got some beautiful foot toys from some special people from one of my favourite bird toy stores, Oliver’s Garden. I LOVE the toys from here… they are so gorgeously made, and vibrantly coloured, and the birds love them!

Even though Douglas has been having some anti-toy behaviour (meaning, he won’t play with toys and won’t leave me alone… going to investigate this behaviour!) I still managed to get some great shots of him playing, and a few of Kyoko investigating (she’s very cautious).

(The toy he has his beak around is actually a dog/cat toy… its his favourite haha)

WOW! It’s been awhile!


I seem to go through phases of posting to not posting. I’m going to TRY to post more often! Life just gets busy, and sometimes I think my flock life gets PRETTY dull, hehe!

Regardless, I thought I’d update everyone. Everything is pretty much the same here, haha! (What an update, eh?) Douglas is clipped now, because he was being a big bully to Kyoko. Turns out, now Kyoko is the big bully! I do admit though, it’s nice not having a flying brick cling to you ever moment of your life! But I can’t wait until his wings grow back. Although… I considered clipping him so I can take him outside when the weather gets nicer. We’ll see how his wings progress by then!

I’m trying super hard to harness train Kyoko, but as soon as she see’s it, she freaks out! Baby steps, I know, but sometimes I get very impatient!

I had some troubles with my job, and just life in general (school fees, etc.) and so I’ve had to cut back hardcore on my spending, which also means spending for the birds! So my posts in the future are probably going to be ghetto ideas on how to keep my birds fed and entertained while not putting myself further into debt!

Which brings me into my next part… bird people are AMAZING! People I’ve never ever met… have shown me SO much kindness in these last few weeks, that it blows my mind! It’s really helped me out, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s nice to know that I have support for my birds out there 🙂
So join the avian community… especially Avian Avenue. The people there are amazing!

So hopefully I’ll post more in the future!