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My Quaker drives me NUTS! I love her to bits, but she drives me nuts!

This morning I let her out as usual and went to take more of a nap because I’ve had trouble sleeping lately. My cellphone is literally floating on my wall since my outlet is really high up, and I had my phone charged but forgot to put it keyboard side down.

Look what she did.

I know this seems “harr harr very funny” but I am not amused in the least. I am actually so upset I want to cry. I have replaced my blackberry keyboard so many times, but I have never seen her do this much damage before. I’m worried her beak might have got to something internal and I’ll need to get a new phone all together. I just purchased a very ugly cover for my blackberry that covers the keyboard, so hopefully this will NEVER happen again.

But this bird destroys so much it is driving me insane. I had to replace my laptop keyboard once and it almost cost me $200 since I would have to get the WHOLE thing replaced. Thankfully some damage they did helped towards a manufacturers problem and I was able to get it replaced for free. Yesterday she also chewed the eye piece off my Canon Rebel, so I had to buy a replacement which was thankfully only a few dollars.

She even chewed off the buttons on my playstation controller… WHILE IT WAS IN MY HANDS!

Perhaps I was to lenient for her letting her be a bird around my room, but I am going to have to be a LOT more stricter with ground rules and more cage time. ARGH I’m so upset I want to cry!!!