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Funny Moments


Do you ever have some moments in your life that you can remember at any time, and it will ALWAYS produce a strong response from you? I have two of those with Kyoko.

First one (some of you may not find this as funny as I did…)
Last Christmas, my family and I were playing X-Box Kinect. I was playing a game where you slap balls that come flying at you away to score goals. So i was playing a ferocious game with my brother when suddenly Kyoko decided to come recall to my hand without me calling her. And SMACK! I literally spiked her to the ground! I felt so bad, and she was so indignant over the situation, like “DID YOU JUST DO THAT?” She was fine. Or else I wouldn’t be laughing… but it was just SO FUNNY. OMG. I still laugh so hard every time I think about it!!!!

Second one, this was way back when, when Kyoko was still a baby. She was just learning to perch, and one of my favourite bird stores had a cute swing on sale. It was a cotton snuggly ring, and it was a small. So I ordered it. Sadly, when I did order it, when they meant small, they meant extra-small.. like parrotlet sized! I decided to hang it in her cage anyways, so she can snuggle against it or play with it. Now, Kyoko was JUST learning to perch, so I thought this was hilarious… but as soon as I put the swing in, she tried VERY hard to sit inside of it. But she was just too big, and she kept trying and trying. It was so funny, and it broke my little heart…

So I went out to buy her a more appropriate sized one. Amazingly, it is still her favourite swing to this day 🙂