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Wow it’s almost been a month since my last post!
Life has been hectic. Since school ended I sleep ridiculous amounts, and then have to go to work. I am going to try to put myself onto a better schedule though, for both me and the birds!

The birds are fine. Kyoko has been more aggressive with Douglas lately, so I can never have her out when I just want to party with Douglas. His wings are starting to grow back, so I am impatiently waiting until he can start flying again!

Besides that it has been summer. It’s been overly warm, so we haven’t been able to go outside (since I work at 5:00 before it starts to cool down with the evening sun). Hopefully the weather will start to agree with us, and we can catch some more rays. Douglas has an Adventure Pack travel cage. I love them, but sadly not a lot of people carry them. I managed to get this one off of a friend on Avian avenue… just need to get one for Kyoko now! (she is  in a small hamster cage.. lol)

My birds now eat Harrison’s which is very exciting! Going to finish up the last of the Pretty Bird Gold and switch to Harrison’s full time. Might buy a small bag of Pretty Bird Gold (or Hagen’s Tropimix… which I can get at a local pet store) and use that for foraging… unsure yet!

Here is us sharing dinner a few nights ago. It was pasta with some white cream sauce (very little… I didn’t have a lot left). I decided to share with the birdies. Douglas kept trying to eat my mushrooms, but I wouldn’t let him… then he’d growl at me LOL. what a brat! I let him share my pasta, and he still wants more!


And now I leave you with a cute picture of wet Dougie.

Hopefully I’ll start blogging more soon 🙂


Judgements in the Parrot World


It might just be me, but I find that bird people (and I suppose all online animal enthusiasts) are very judgemental to people they do not know personally! Since the only record of these people I have is what I see them post, I try not to be judgemental… people have different situations and beliefs and reasonings that I cannot know or predict. But some people.. yikes! I feel so bad for them, that if it were me, I’d be crying.

But amazingly.. the things they are often criticized for, I do also!

For example, I’ve been called lazy, ignorant, cruel, and selfish for having Douglas clipped. This is the first time I’ve clipped him, and I did because his hormones were raging and he was attacking Kyoko. Of course, a lot of people deal with that situation, but not my exact situation. Do they know I pretty much live in a dorm room with two birds? Do they know that it’s hard to keep them separated? But i’m still called all those nasty words regardless, albeit indirectly.

I’ve been told indirectly that I shouldn’t own birds, because I often can’t afford to take my birds to the vet for yearly examinations. I have money saved for emergencies (although right now that is depleted… due to a recent emergency with someone else’s bird), but being a student, I can’t afford to spend $500 each on both of my birds to find out things that I already know. Mind you, if my birds were acting strange, or out of the ordinary, I would not hesitate to take them to the vet.

I’ve also been told multiple times that it is selfish to keep two birds that dislike each other in such a small space. But at the same time, it is mean of me to rehome them… not sure how to fix that situation then.

Recently, a thread on a parrot forum was brought up about a high school project to collect bugs and pin them. I pretty much do this for a living, since I work at the Royal Ontario Museum. There is a room with THOUSANDS of skin specimens of birds alone, and MILLIONS of other ones kicking around the museum… heck, i even saw a closet sized space with hundreds of jars with at least 20 bats in them each!  So I guess I am a monster eh?
Well now a days we don’t often kill birds for skins. They are usually birds that died from natural causes. But bugs are still often collected as well as other animals. I had a school project where we went around a field to collect bugs and we killed them and then learned to properly pin them. Is it terrible cruel that I didn’t even blink an eye, or hesitate at this? (Actually pinning was pretty gross). Heck! I even know how to skin a bird (i hope i never need to do that!) But all these things, that are advancements in science, are seen as cruel… evil… unnecessary…

Right now, I am working on barcoding the DNA of about 300 specimens from New Guinea, in order to see how birds are related, whether they need to be divided into subspecies… and basically I am just barcoding birds to be added to the Tree of Life. (Check out the project HERE. This is my project database here… BARCODE OF LIFE DATABASE.) I suppose it isn’t something that NEEDS to be discovered… but it is a large thing in evolutionary biology to show how every living organism in life is related phylogenetically. But there are also benefits to barcoding and taking samples from the wild…

FOR EXAMPLE: The Spix Macaw. Since all the babies currently in captivity are very closed related (inbreeding, etc.) in order to create offspring that survive and are healthy, scientists barcode the DNA of all the parrots, and try to  match up the two parrots that are the most genetically diverse. Sure, it’s not QUITE the same thing… but the point is, because I do what I do, does not make me an evil animal killer/hater.

What else.. I’ve also been shamed for not trying harder to feed pure organic food. It’s frowned upon that I keep my birds banded. The list goes on (although the worst rep i get is for having a clipped bird).

So… basically… according to most of the parrot people out there.. I’m a cruel cruel, ignorant bird owner that is lazy and selfish.. hehe.

WOW! It’s been awhile!


I seem to go through phases of posting to not posting. I’m going to TRY to post more often! Life just gets busy, and sometimes I think my flock life gets PRETTY dull, hehe!

Regardless, I thought I’d update everyone. Everything is pretty much the same here, haha! (What an update, eh?) Douglas is clipped now, because he was being a big bully to Kyoko. Turns out, now Kyoko is the big bully! I do admit though, it’s nice not having a flying brick cling to you ever moment of your life! But I can’t wait until his wings grow back. Although… I considered clipping him so I can take him outside when the weather gets nicer. We’ll see how his wings progress by then!

I’m trying super hard to harness train Kyoko, but as soon as she see’s it, she freaks out! Baby steps, I know, but sometimes I get very impatient!

I had some troubles with my job, and just life in general (school fees, etc.) and so I’ve had to cut back hardcore on my spending, which also means spending for the birds! So my posts in the future are probably going to be ghetto ideas on how to keep my birds fed and entertained while not putting myself further into debt!

Which brings me into my next part… bird people are AMAZING! People I’ve never ever met… have shown me SO much kindness in these last few weeks, that it blows my mind! It’s really helped me out, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s nice to know that I have support for my birds out there 🙂
So join the avian community… especially Avian Avenue. The people there are amazing!

So hopefully I’ll post more in the future!

Bad Me!


I’ve been neglecting the internet world lately! I’ve just been SO busy with life and work and I just felt like breaking the internet ties for a bit.

I started reading the forums again (just browsing though) and posted some updated pics of my babies – who are both doing fabulously, by the way!

Since work has slowed down a lot, and I have too much free time, I decided I should start working on improving their diets (again) and station training.

As much as I love them flying over to hang out with me, sometimes I want them to stay at their designated spots. I am thinking of buying some large boings to hang over my desk so they have somewhere to hang out while I work… or maybe I’ll just rearrange my room completely, we’ll see!

Besides station training, Kyoko really needs to learn potty training (trying to teach her to fly to her cage when she needs to poop) and she does that about 60% of the time.

Also diet… I’ve been super lazy lately, and they usually just get their pellets with a seed mix, and a small dish of veggies. I think I will start making their veggie mash again, as well as some cooked pasta. I noticed they don’t really like their pellets, so this might be a good idea to help them get all the nutrients they need without having to choke down pellets, haha.

Despite that… that’s all 🙂

What a Month/Week/Year?


I haven’t posted in a LONG time. And I’m sorry! I want posting to become more regular and I promise it will be!

So what’s new with me? One, I am done school for the year, but I am taking two classes in summer school. Two, I have a job at Medieval Times as a photo wench. It’s a pretty neat place and I enjoy working there! Despite the drama… but it’s nice to make money to support my bird-toy-buying addiction, plus I am learning how to use my dSLR better! (And I get to dress up in a fun costume!)

As with birds, I considered rehoming Kyoko and almost gave her away today. The reason is that she and Douglas have been fighting a lot. My room is very small (8 x 10 feet) so it is hard to give them their own separate spaces. Amazingly, it’s usually my little Quaker that attacks Douglas, and he retaliates… and well since he is bigger, Kyoko is usually the one that gets hurt!

I had an owner in mind, and we made arrangements, but last minute I decided that in no circumstances can she be clipped. For now I am going to try to make it work, but i still worry about them, and wonder if maybe I may need to find another home for her, but at the same time… I’d miss her SO MUCH!

So that’s my life in a nutshell.

Just a Post


This is just a post I am writing at two in the morning… i will probably delete it tomorrow when i’ve realized i’m pouring my heart out to people who probably don’t even care. This is more of a real life post than anything… but it will tie into birds… kind of.

It really hurts when someone you trust… someone you tell secrets to, confide in… really put all your faith in… just betrays you. It hurts… like daggers cutting into you… slowly but deeply. It’s happened to me so many times before, I don’t know why I let it happen again. It makes me remember why i stopped trusting people to begin with…. and why I hate people in general. But it has happened again… and not only does it hurt because I lost a friend, but what she says can also affect my relationship with other people. A lot of people tell me to stop caring what other people think of you… but isn’t that what friendships, relationships… people – things are based on? How you feel about people?

Well hopefully I still have my friends. But sometimes I wonder what people TRULY think about me.

I do admit, I have a spending issue. I don’t spend so much on myself than I do for my birds. They make me so happy, so even if they don’t appreciate everything I do for them… their happiness makes me happy. And you know, I don’t have a lot of extra money to give back to the world. But my birds are first – always. This idea is so disconnected. Let me tie it in…

I love my birds. A LOT. Not these ones in particular, but past ones have helped me through life. They helped me get through my clinical depression, and they pretty much keep me  with this world. Both spiritually and physically. Whenever I lost a bird, i lost a part of me. Every time I promised myself I wouldn’t invest anymore of me in these little feathered creatures, but I am naturally drawn to them. I love them so much, I would give my life, just to give my birds back their lives… but that can’t happen.

Douglas and Kyoko have been rather fortunate. I haven’t had any major clinical depression spells with them, and I made sure to keep my life as level as possible when I was raising Kyoko. Tonight, I just lost all control. It’s been a while since I’ve been hurt like that… and I thought I was just recovering from my trust issues, but then I got slapped in the face.

I felt so lost and alone. Douglas was already fast asleep. But Kyoko woke up, flew over, and wouldn’t leave my side. She tried to fly into the dark to get to me, and screamed when she couldn’t pierce the darkness. And when she landed on my shoulder, she gently tugged at my ear and preened my hair. (I’m actually crying recounting this). And she just wouldn’t leave me. I had to take a shower to kind of… calm down, and she sat on the shower bar. Usually she is really loud and screaming with the shower running, but she just looked down on me from the shower bar and quietly whistled. She knew.

It’s amazing how they just know.

You have no idea how completely blessed I am to have my birds in my life.