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Skewer Breakfast


I got a new skewer from My Bird Safe Store. It’s a stainless steel Scooter Z one, and well obviously I was excited to use it! I have another one from previous years that’s a grape skewer so Kyo was lucky to get that one lol.

This morning I gave them some hard boiled egg, a tomato, and some red and green peppers… Christmas themed!

Unfortunately… my birds are kind of lazy. Or rather Douglas is. He hates eating off of skewers, so the only way I got him to do so was to place it on the ground. Kyo was a bit more adventurous :p

Regardless, they ate it all. YAY!


Christmas Palm Nuts


I got my order from Kathie at My Bird Safe Store, and in the order were… PALM NUTS! I never tried them before (well not me.. the birds) and I was really excited. Kyoko wasn’t interested at all, so I gave two to Douglas, and he ended up stealing her two! They are a HUGE hit with him 😀