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Dougie’s Wings


I thought I’d share my story of Douglas’ wings.I got Douglas as a rehome from a family who didn’t know much about birds.When I got him his wings were a MESS.

He didn’t know how to use them, and caiques… being little acrobats… well since he had no wings, he had no balance and would literally FALL like a ROCK. He didn’t even flap his wings… just BAM!
Since he fell so much, any new feathers popping out would break since they were unprotected by other feathers. The vet wanted to operate and remove the shafts so all the feathers would grow in at the same time and protect each other.I decided not to since it would be expensive and extremely stressful for little Douglas.
Anyways, after lots of hard work 🙂

He’s flying for the first time and loving it! A bit too much :)He has become a very good flier, but we still need to build up more muscle.Just shows love and a lot of hard work pay off!

I just talked to Anna (Who owns Macaw and Cockatoo Rescue of New Mexico) about the space in his wings. She thinks as a baby he probably used his wings to help him falling, and ended up damaging the follicles. She thinks after a few molts they will fix themselves so he won’t have those funny holes anymore 🙂