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The “Say What?” in Parrot Diets


Diet is always a big debate for parrot keepers everywhere. Some believe a pellet only diet is acceptable, other’s seeds, and others believe that only the best diet is achieved through live fresh food – as well as everyone else in between.

I’m a fresh food gal, but I also believe pellets are healthy too. I am paranoid that without pellets, the birds might be missing a certain something-something, plus they love them!

My diet break down is about this…

20% pellets – I leave them in the cage all day for snacking. I usually feed 60% Harrisons, and the rest a mix of Goldn’obles, Pretty Bird Natural Gold, and different nuts and fruit etc. (My Safe Bird Store’s Bountiful Harvest).

In the morning when they wake up, the first thing they get is a big dish of veggies, fruits and sprouts.
It changes everyday depending on what I have, and it also adds more variety to life. The birds love digging through their dishes to see what kind of surprises it contains!

Today their dish was full of sprouts, red pepper, cucumber, celery, apples, raspberry, and birdie bread. I also gave each a wet sprig of spinach to nip and bathe against (Douglas loves bathing in veggies).

In the evening just before the sun sets, I give them a small dish of cooked mash (usually from Avian Organics) and mix that in with a pre-made sprout/veggie mix. This is also the time I would give them cooked sweet potato,etc. The reasoning is that fresh food will not spoil quickly, so I can leave it in for most of the day, while cooked food will spoil, so I take that out before bed time 🙂

But today I was searching through some websites, specifically, Land of Vos – Kitchen Physician. And look what I found…

1. Strawberries
2. Bell peppers (red and green)
3. Spinach
4. US Grown cherries
5. Peaches
6. Mexican grown cantaloupe
7. celery
8. Apples
9. Apricots
10. Green beans
11. Chillean grown grapes
12. Cucumbers

Apparently, according to a research group these are the most toxic commonly sold produce!! YIKES!

Here is a list of foods we should buy and never should buy – i totally recommend reading that article (linked above) some of the statistics are shocking!

Other foods that we can buy from our local markets without concern for high levels of pesticides are: CORN, SWEET POTATOES, BROCCOLI, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, CAULIFLOWER, U.S. GRAPES, BANANAS, PLUMS, IMPORTED CHERRIES, and WATERMELON

Here is a list of foods that NEVER should be given to our parrots unless they have been organically grown:


Stainless Steel Dishes


Besides me blabbing on about my life, I figure I should also write about different things I have learned over my years of bird keeping. One important thing I was reminded of tonight are stainless steel dishes.

I use stainless steel dishes for both my food and water. I clean them with hot soapy water every day to avoid bacteria growth.  Some people use plastic dishes, and I highly recommend tossing those out and replacing them. Plastic dishes should be replaced OFTEN if you use them. They are porous, and can get scratched easily and these tiny little scratches can harbour bacteria, no matter how much you scrub! I know a few birds that got constant bacteria infections until their owner replaced their dishes with stainless steel. If you DO use plastic dishes, I would wash them in hot soapy water with a bit of bleach… DAILY.

I do use plastic dishes for things such as herb salad, which I think is okay since that food doesn’t get replaced often, nor does it get soiled with wetness – I check it often.

Stainless steel dishes come with two types of holders.


Or a wire bracket.

Personally, I prefer the clamp, because I can imagine seeing the bracket pulled off of the cage easily due to curious beaks.

Anyways, that’s my spiel on stainless steel dishes!