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Kyoko the Bully!


My little sweetie Kyoko has been very aggressive lately. Not so much with me (although if i have a toy in my hand, she will attack the toy.. which usually gets me!) but with Douglas. It’s funny because Douglas I thought was the bully, but it seems Kyoko is the true instigator!

She’s gotten to the point that if Douglas is near me and he moves even a little bit, she’ll fly over and dive bomb him! She’s even knocked him off a couple of perches!

I’ve been super reluctant to clip as she has never been clipped her whole life, and she is such a fantastic flyer, but I’m worried she’s going to hurt Douglas, or vice versa.

I’m also not sure if this could just be crazy hormones? It might be as it seemed to have come on very suddenly. But she isn’t even two yet? so I don’t know??

Is there anyway I can curb this behaviour, without having to clip? Or do you think it would be wiser to clip, and then do some behaviour modifications later?

Or… any suggestions?