Bird Stores

Avian Organics
A beautiful store run by my good friend Doris. She makes the best bird food ever, all certified organic and my birds love them! She has a range of things from cookable mashes, seed and dry food mixes, birdie bread mixes, and cookies! (which are good enough for people to eat too!) I highly recommend her, and your birds will thank you too!

Grey Feather Toys
Some of the best bird toys and rope products on the market! Rebecca makes beautiful toys that are mostly indestructible stainless steel! Expensive, but 100% worth it! Everything is made with such care, that they are a total delight for birds, and a nice change from the common wood toy! She also makes GORGEOUS rope products with her rope so tightly wound and beautifully wrapped around swings and boings.

My Safe Bird Store
The best store for your everyday bird needs, and more! Kathie is fantastic and a total sweetheart, and really cares about supplying only the safest and best products for your birds. Her prices are excellent, and her service is even better! Totally check out her custom blends too… my birds LOVE her Bountiful Harvest!

Oliver’s Garden
I’m all for support Canadian shops, and this is one of my favourites! Susan makes gorgeous toys that are nautical themed. They are so beautiful and cute, I don’t want to give them to my birds! Not only that but she makes beautiful rope products, such as swings, boings, oddballs (like the atom), and climbing rope nets! Everything is very beautifully crafted, and Susan is a total sweetheart too!

Parrot Enrichment
Home of the amazing foraging blocks!  They are made out of untreated fir and cut with holes and crevices for foraging excellence and wood chewing fun.

Things for Wings
The best place to find bird toy parts, and the cutest handmade toys EVER. Danita makes all her toys with total care, and they are very original! Some toys are even hand painted! She also carries almost every bird toy part you can think of. She is a Canadian store, but for you lucky Americans, she ships packages every week from Washington to save on your shipping.


Training and Behaviour

Good Bird Inc – Home of the infamous Barbara Heinrich. A wonderful trainer who pretty much pioneered the idea of positive reinforcement in a way that is accessible to all bird owners.

Lara Joseph – A very wonderful bird trainer who also has wonderful tips for behaviour problems. She also makes beautiful toys (That are unfortunately too expensive to ship to Canada!) She is a total sweetheart, and has helped me with a lot of my behaviour problems with the birds.

Sally Blanchard’s Companion Parrot Online – Another bird trainer who has very delightful anecdotes on bird ownership and behaviour. She offers great tips with very cute cartoons. This is also home to the infamous Caique, Spike.


Diet and Nutrition

Holistic Birds – a great website about feeding as natural a diet, as well as trying to give your bird as natural and holistic a life as possible.




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