Silly Douglas


Telling that story about spiking Kyoko made me think about what Douglas would have done. Kyoko was pretty shocked, but everyone around us was laughing (I was mortified) and as I cradled my little girl, she started laughing too. So everything was fine.

But Douglas? He wouldn’t let me get off that lightly!

Whenever I preen him, and accidentally touch a blood feather, he will growl and give me a little nip. If i pull away before he can get me, he’ll run after me until he gets me, haha!

If he hurts himself… like if he fell off a perch while playing. He’d run up to me with his wing lifted (always the right one) and start whining like a dog. I will always respond with “awwwwww Douglasssssss!” and he would respond by whining like a hurt puppy.

He’s so silly.


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