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Avian Organics is the BEST!



Here are some pics of the birds enjoying the blueberry mini sticks and rustic ribbon treats from Avian Organics.


Avian Organics!


Avian Organics had a super sale a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but load up!

I got a free bag of Papaya Veggie Crisps and they are SO GOOD… I love them and so do Douglas!

I also bought a new mash I never tried before called Andean Ambrosia… smelled SO GOOD! Unfortunately the flock didn’t love it as much as I hoped! They seem to eat everything but the buckwheat lol!

Yum! Avian Organics also seems to be coming out with something special! It should be out in a few days so check out their website under Loros Naturales.