It’s all about portions!


The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here lately! Almost like summer! Which means the bugs are back!

Last summer I had some big issues with fruit flies (As always) as I give my birds a LOT of fresh food! And since it is in my bedroom… not a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, my schedule is not as open as it was last year (meaning i’m usually gone in the morning about 2 hours after the birds and I wake up), which doesn’t give us a lot of time for the birds to eat their breakfast before I need to go to school/work. So i’m hoping that I can PORTION my meals so the birds will finish up all of it by either a) the time i leave, or b) a few hours later (so it doesn’t spoil and wilt in the heat). I make sure not to served anything COOKED in the morning, as that spoils faster. I try to feed fresh veggies, as they tend to stay longer when out of the fridge and in the cage.

Then at night, I feed their mashed/cooked food. So now I need to REALLY think about portions, as I ALWAYS over portion my bird’s food! It is also recommended that you feed your birds twice a day, but my schedule is all over the place, so I always have a bowl of pellets in their cages, just in case.

What are your thoughts on portioning?


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  1. You are way ahead of me with the fresh stuff in the morning. My guys get the Bountiful Harvest mix from mysafebirdstore and sprouts in the morning. They get a cooked mix or my version of chop or a bean mix or some of whatever I’m eating for dinner. The dinner stuff gets tossed when dinner is over (dare I say we all eat at the same time at the same table? blush) but they have the mix available in their cages all day while I’m at work. So their breakfast “portion” lasts all day and their dinner portion is all they want to eat of it in an hour or so.

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