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Wow it’s almost been a month since my last post!
Life has been hectic. Since school ended I sleep ridiculous amounts, and then have to go to work. I am going to try to put myself onto a better schedule though, for both me and the birds!

The birds are fine. Kyoko has been more aggressive with Douglas lately, so I can never have her out when I just want to party with Douglas. His wings are starting to grow back, so I am impatiently waiting until he can start flying again!

Besides that it has been summer. It’s been overly warm, so we haven’t been able to go outside (since I work at 5:00 before it starts to cool down with the evening sun). Hopefully the weather will start to agree with us, and we can catch some more rays. Douglas has an Adventure Pack travel cage. I love them, but sadly not a lot of people carry them. I managed to get this one off of a friend on Avian avenue… just need to get one for Kyoko now! (she is  in a small hamster cage.. lol)

My birds now eat Harrison’s which is very exciting! Going to finish up the last of the Pretty Bird Gold and switch to Harrison’s full time. Might buy a small bag of Pretty Bird Gold (or Hagen’s Tropimix… which I can get at a local pet store) and use that for foraging… unsure yet!

Here is us sharing dinner a few nights ago. It was pasta with some white cream sauce (very little… I didn’t have a lot left). I decided to share with the birdies. Douglas kept trying to eat my mushrooms, but I wouldn’t let him… then he’d growl at me LOL. what a brat! I let him share my pasta, and he still wants more!


And now I leave you with a cute picture of wet Dougie.

Hopefully I’ll start blogging more soon 🙂


It’s all about portions!


The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here lately! Almost like summer! Which means the bugs are back!

Last summer I had some big issues with fruit flies (As always) as I give my birds a LOT of fresh food! And since it is in my bedroom… not a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, my schedule is not as open as it was last year (meaning i’m usually gone in the morning about 2 hours after the birds and I wake up), which doesn’t give us a lot of time for the birds to eat their breakfast before I need to go to school/work. So i’m hoping that I can PORTION my meals so the birds will finish up all of it by either a) the time i leave, or b) a few hours later (so it doesn’t spoil and wilt in the heat). I make sure not to served anything COOKED in the morning, as that spoils faster. I try to feed fresh veggies, as they tend to stay longer when out of the fridge and in the cage.

Then at night, I feed their mashed/cooked food. So now I need to REALLY think about portions, as I ALWAYS over portion my bird’s food! It is also recommended that you feed your birds twice a day, but my schedule is all over the place, so I always have a bowl of pellets in their cages, just in case.

What are your thoughts on portioning?

Sweet Blogs


I was catching up with some old blogs that I haven’t read in a VERY long while.

One is Hungrybird. We used to talk a lot, but then I just started getting busy and stopped having time to read and hang out in the forum scene for  awhile. Hopefully we can catch up again soon!

Second, is Cooking for Parrots. This blog is AMAZING. She makes beautiful meals, and has great recipes/ideas for cooked treats. She also makes her own pellets which is AWESOME. I really need to invest in a dehydrator when I am no longer poor, haha!

Anyways, check those both out for great food ideas. They both make me feel like I am a lazy bird owner, hah! I need to step up my game!

The “Say What?” in Parrot Diets


Diet is always a big debate for parrot keepers everywhere. Some believe a pellet only diet is acceptable, other’s seeds, and others believe that only the best diet is achieved through live fresh food – as well as everyone else in between.

I’m a fresh food gal, but I also believe pellets are healthy too. I am paranoid that without pellets, the birds might be missing a certain something-something, plus they love them!

My diet break down is about this…

20% pellets – I leave them in the cage all day for snacking. I usually feed 60% Harrisons, and the rest a mix of Goldn’obles, Pretty Bird Natural Gold, and different nuts and fruit etc. (My Safe Bird Store’s Bountiful Harvest).

In the morning when they wake up, the first thing they get is a big dish of veggies, fruits and sprouts.
It changes everyday depending on what I have, and it also adds more variety to life. The birds love digging through their dishes to see what kind of surprises it contains!

Today their dish was full of sprouts, red pepper, cucumber, celery, apples, raspberry, and birdie bread. I also gave each a wet sprig of spinach to nip and bathe against (Douglas loves bathing in veggies).

In the evening just before the sun sets, I give them a small dish of cooked mash (usually from Avian Organics) and mix that in with a pre-made sprout/veggie mix. This is also the time I would give them cooked sweet potato,etc. The reasoning is that fresh food will not spoil quickly, so I can leave it in for most of the day, while cooked food will spoil, so I take that out before bed time 🙂

But today I was searching through some websites, specifically, Land of Vos – Kitchen Physician. And look what I found…

1. Strawberries
2. Bell peppers (red and green)
3. Spinach
4. US Grown cherries
5. Peaches
6. Mexican grown cantaloupe
7. celery
8. Apples
9. Apricots
10. Green beans
11. Chillean grown grapes
12. Cucumbers

Apparently, according to a research group these are the most toxic commonly sold produce!! YIKES!

Here is a list of foods we should buy and never should buy – i totally recommend reading that article (linked above) some of the statistics are shocking!

Other foods that we can buy from our local markets without concern for high levels of pesticides are: CORN, SWEET POTATOES, BROCCOLI, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, CAULIFLOWER, U.S. GRAPES, BANANAS, PLUMS, IMPORTED CHERRIES, and WATERMELON

Here is a list of foods that NEVER should be given to our parrots unless they have been organically grown:


My Safe Bird Store


I constantly rave about how wonderful Kathie is at My Safe Bird Store. Seriously, she is AMAZING! Every time I get an order from her it is like Christmas as she wraps everything beautifully and with care! Plus she has the BEST products and BEST prices around!

Since she is in the USA, shipping gets expensive, so I usually make a few HUGE orders a year. I finally made my huge order of summer and.. well check it out!

I got some bags of her lovely mix, Bountiful Harvest, as well as a bag of Harrison’s High Potency Fine, and some Harrison’s Pepper Course (which I thought the birds might like, but they have been ignoring it!)

I also got some cleaning stuff – Pet Focus Concentrate (which works great, and smells great!) and the Carpet/Fabric Cleaner which I haven’t used yet.

I got two boings – a large one for outside the cage, and a small one to replace Douglas’ as his is unravelling. The craftmanship of these boings are AMAZING… they are so tightly woven that they are probably my most favourite ones I have purchased yet! I think I will cave and get another one for Kyoko next time 🙂

I also got two King’s Stainless Steel locking dishes, which I haven’t been too impressed with. They are nice and shiny, and lock well, but despite being the “same size” they only fit into the certain bracket they came with, and one of them is very hard to get in and out. I seem to have the worst luck with stainless steel dishes! hehe.

I bought some herb salad, and some manu blocks (which I have heard good things about). As well as a foraging carosel toy, a loofa buddy, and this awesome rainbow shoelace toys that Douglas is in love with! I got him a talking telephone toy too but he is pretty aggressive with it, and I’m worried it’ll one day decide to retaliate and hit him in the face!

Anyways, I totally recommend buying all your birdie stuff from Kathie. She is AMAZING! And if she doesn’t have it, she can usually find it for you! So check out My Safe Bird Store 🙂



I finally caved and bought a sprouter. Since I want sprouting to be apart of my birds daily meals, I was starting to run out of room with all my crazy non-space-saavy sprouting devices.

So I was hearing great things about this Biosnacky glass jar, and i ended up finding this three tiered one. I bought it and it came in the mail!

Right now I am working on my first harvest, and will be sure to post pictures of it’s progress. I’m super excited!

Right now I have some mung beans, and two China Prairie Sprouts in there (both the Pscittacine and Micrograins).

I’m so excited to see how things are going to turn out! Can you tell? hehe