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Foot Toys from Oliver’s Garden


I got some beautiful foot toys from some special people from one of my favourite bird toy stores, Oliver’s Garden. I LOVE the toys from here… they are so gorgeously made, and vibrantly coloured, and the birds love them!

Even though Douglas has been having some anti-toy behaviour (meaning, he won’t play with toys and won’t leave me alone… going to investigate this behaviour!) I still managed to get some great shots of him playing, and a few of Kyoko investigating (she’s very cautious).

(The toy he has his beak around is actually a dog/cat toy… its his favourite haha)


Parrot Enrichment


Before I go to bed, I decided I’m going to rant about these AWESOME foraging blocks that are all the craze right now in the Avian Avenue community! They are by Kris Porter at Parrot Enrichment.

The best part is they are SUPER affordable, and just absolutely WONDERFUL! I can’t lie, my birds aren’t great foragers. But even Kyoko is willing to pry a little nutriberry out of her block!

I stupidly didn’t take pictures of just the blocks. I bought the extra small ones which are a perfect size, and when I get out of this money pit i’m in, I am planning on purchasing a few bigger sized ones for Dougie. I got two with the stainless steel hardware, and to save money, you can just reuse them and put them into the other blocks.

The blocks are made of untreated fir and smell SO good! It was heaven when I opened the box! They are beautifully crafted with lots of grooves that the birds just love to gnaw on (and mine are both not huge wood chewers!) and little holes to hide treats in. This is a picture of what Coco did with hers from her blog.

Her cape, Lola is chewing them up like crazy! Fortunately (and I suppose unfortunately, since I have a lot of wood!) my guys just gnaw on them a little bit, so mine will probably last a while. Speaking of which. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to encourage my birds to chew on wood?

Back to the topic. I usually hide treats and nuts in them, since my birds aren’t the craziest for healthy foods, but I did make up a little veggie block for Dougie.

Blurry picture but Dougie is in focus!

And here he is nomming a hot pepper with his happy crazy caique eyes!

Besides how totally awesome they are, Kris is an absolute DOLL to work with! She helped me find the proper size, and since I live in Canada, managed to get them shipped to me super cheap, and at a fair price (balancing costs, and how many blocks I should buy without going overboard!)

Definitely worth checking out!

My Safe Bird Store


I constantly rave about how wonderful Kathie is at My Safe Bird Store. Seriously, she is AMAZING! Every time I get an order from her it is like Christmas as she wraps everything beautifully and with care! Plus she has the BEST products and BEST prices around!

Since she is in the USA, shipping gets expensive, so I usually make a few HUGE orders a year. I finally made my huge order of summer and.. well check it out!

I got some bags of her lovely mix, Bountiful Harvest, as well as a bag of Harrison’s High Potency Fine, and some Harrison’s Pepper Course (which I thought the birds might like, but they have been ignoring it!)

I also got some cleaning stuff – Pet Focus Concentrate (which works great, and smells great!) and the Carpet/Fabric Cleaner which I haven’t used yet.

I got two boings – a large one for outside the cage, and a small one to replace Douglas’ as his is unravelling. The craftmanship of these boings are AMAZING… they are so tightly woven that they are probably my most favourite ones I have purchased yet! I think I will cave and get another one for Kyoko next time 🙂

I also got two King’s Stainless Steel locking dishes, which I haven’t been too impressed with. They are nice and shiny, and lock well, but despite being the “same size” they only fit into the certain bracket they came with, and one of them is very hard to get in and out. I seem to have the worst luck with stainless steel dishes! hehe.

I bought some herb salad, and some manu blocks (which I have heard good things about). As well as a foraging carosel toy, a loofa buddy, and this awesome rainbow shoelace toys that Douglas is in love with! I got him a talking telephone toy too but he is pretty aggressive with it, and I’m worried it’ll one day decide to retaliate and hit him in the face!

Anyways, I totally recommend buying all your birdie stuff from Kathie. She is AMAZING! And if she doesn’t have it, she can usually find it for you! So check out My Safe Bird Store 🙂

First Order from Grey Feather Toys!


I finally caved and ordered from Grey Feather Toys! And it was WELL Received in my flock!

Here is everything.. I got duckies, a toy called The Megaphone, Cage Invader, and the Dingaling, as well as a SS chain toy base…

The Cage Invader…


And out of all the toys… the favourite is.. the SS chain toy base…

Although the toys seem pricey, you need to consider that they are made out of Stainless steel which is the best material for bird toys, AND it will virtually last forever!

So buy some toys!!

Foraging Fun!


My birds have been VERY restless lately! They aren’t used to me going to school for most of the day and being cooped up in their cages! Over the Christmas break they were out ALL day, so it’s a big adjustment! Needless to say, my birds, Douglas in particular, has a LOT of pent up energy!

I saw this on Hungry’s Birds blog. And it is a girl who also has a caique and does fun foraging projects. Check her out here. (Not sure if she still updates her blog?). Her caique seems to LOVE foraging, while Douglas… not so much. But neither do I give him a lot of opportunity besides wrapping up little white cups with treats inside.

So I had a spare basket after redoing their cages, so I decided to make one up for him. Kyoko, NEVER forages (not even the little white cups), so I made her a small one. I’m not going to put them in yet, but save them for tomorrow. I’ll put them in a bit before school so I can get some pics, then leave them with them all day and see what the results are!

Douglas has a wicker basket. Inside (clockwise around) a large wiffle ball stuffed with treats and crinkle paper. Loofah stuffed with treats. Bagel. White condiment cup with treats inside. Finger traps with treats and crinkle paper. Yucca block, partly hollowed out for a treat. And a long tube bagel with treats.

As you can tell, my birds are very food oriented. They got a lot of their greens and fruits. But their “special treats” (like nutriberries, ovenfresh bites, etc.) are always saved for foraging, or for super rewards.

The complete basket. I also threw some treats right inside the crinkle paper, to get him to explore, as well as some wood and other little toys.

Kyoko’s basket is a lot simple. I’m not going to close the box because she’ll completely ignore it, and the treats are kind of right there out in the open. Hopefully she’ll figure it out 🙂 And of course… I gave her a bell!

I want to give it to them now! But I’ll wait 🙂