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What a Month/Week/Year?


I haven’t posted in a LONG time. And I’m sorry! I want posting to become more regular and I promise it will be!

So what’s new with me? One, I am done school for the year, but I am taking two classes in summer school. Two, I have a job at Medieval Times as a photo wench. It’s a pretty neat place and I enjoy working there! Despite the drama… but it’s nice to make money to support my bird-toy-buying addiction, plus I am learning how to use my dSLR better! (And I get to dress up in a fun costume!)

As with birds, I considered rehoming Kyoko and almost gave her away today. The reason is that she and Douglas have been fighting a lot. My room is very small (8 x 10 feet) so it is hard to give them their own separate spaces. Amazingly, it’s usually my little Quaker that attacks Douglas, and he retaliates… and well since he is bigger, Kyoko is usually the one that gets hurt!

I had an owner in mind, and we made arrangements, but last minute I decided that in no circumstances can she be clipped.¬†For now I am going to try to make it work, but i still worry about them, and wonder if maybe I may need to find another home for her, but at the same time… I’d miss her SO MUCH!

So that’s my life in a nutshell.