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Cage Re-Do!


Kyo’s cage.


Dougie’s cage!




As you can see, I have a lot more pics of Dougie’s cage.. he has a lot more stuff. I try to keep it more open, which has worked a lot to get him to play, but Kyoko doesn’t use the bottom part of her cage, and just poops on EVERYTHING, so I keep the bottom pretty empty. She also doesn’t play as mucha s Dougie, and I need to take into account her large wingspan and tail!

Overall, I’m pretty happy. The only new things in the cage are the rope perches (which I haven’t had in MONTHS) made by Grey Feather Toys. They are custom made, and BEAUTIFUL! Not only are they so tightly wound, but also made of Stainless steel! (which is super hard to bend BTW!) Everything else is stuff I have hoarded over the past few years, or toys I’ve made myself, YAY!

Besides that, I finally found a good spot to hang the net a friend bought for me from Oliver’s Garden!

Dougie LOVES it, Kyoko doesn’t spend much time over there, haha.


The Cages


Since I’m pretty much done with my hard exams, I decided to do some hardcore cage cleaning and take some pictures to show you the wonderful cages I’ve set up. Unfortunately, I remembered how hard it is to take pictures of cages with such small doors (I have an A&E double stack), so I tried my best but the pictures aren’t the greatest.

Let’s have a tour of the cages!

Douglas’ cage is a lot more full than Kyo’s he uses EVERY single level of the cage and actually spends a lot of time running around on the grate (or rolling around… actually).

This is the bottom of his cage. He has a big stainless steel bucket of foot toys he empties out as soon as I clean it up, and a low perch he likes to sit on and look out the window. He’s also quite the athlete, so I have lots of ropes hanging down for him to climb up.

Top left of his cage is where his happy hut is. He sleeps in this EVERY night, and every time we travel I have to bring it with him or else he won’t sleep and will stay up all night making whining noises lol. There is also a ladder I have running along the sides of the cage. And lots of toys, of course!

The cholla perch is my favourite perch. He hangs out there the most and sometimes I stick food in the holes and he forages it all out. The blue perch you can see, is a perch that someone made for me on Parrot Crazy Forum. It’s a PVC tube with a fleece sleeve, it’s great and Douglas loves it!

And this is my FAVOURITE toy I’ve made. It is a hanging basket. I used to hang it outside the cage and Douglas would ride it like a pirate ship! Now it’s inside the cage and he doesn’t really care for it, but I put more foot toys in the basket for him to ravage at.

Next is Kyo’s cage. Kyo’s cage is quite full, but she spends all her time on the top level of the cage. I actually had a lot of trouble getting pictures because EVERYTHING was in the way, lol. This is the disaster that is her cage.

The white swing is her FAVOURITE, and I take it with us when we travel also. That is where she sleeps, and that pink fluff of fleece my friend made for me, and she cuddles against it at night.

The pink sandy perch is where she hangs out the most (sorry its hard to clean lol) And underneath is a wicker basket of all her foot toys, which she also empties out everywhere as soon as I put them all away.

I love setting up cages, and I try to change the cages up whenever I have the time. But they both seem to be really happy with their layouts and with all their toys. I guess you could say my birds are a bit spoiled… hehe