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Parrot Enrichment


Before I go to bed, I decided I’m going to rant about these AWESOME foraging blocks that are all the craze right now in the Avian Avenue community! They are by Kris Porter at Parrot Enrichment.

The best part is they are SUPER affordable, and just absolutely WONDERFUL! I can’t lie, my birds aren’t great foragers. But even Kyoko is willing to pry a little nutriberry out of her block!

I stupidly didn’t take pictures of just the blocks. I bought the extra small ones which are a perfect size, and when I get out of this money pit i’m in, I am planning on purchasing a few bigger sized ones for Dougie. I got two with the stainless steel hardware, and to save money, you can just reuse them and put them into the other blocks.

The blocks are made of untreated fir and smell SO good! It was heaven when I opened the box! They are beautifully crafted with lots of grooves that the birds just love to gnaw on (and mine are both not huge wood chewers!) and little holes to hide treats in. This is a picture of what Coco did with hers from her blog.

Her cape, Lola is chewing them up like crazy! Fortunately (and I suppose unfortunately, since I have a lot of wood!) my guys just gnaw on them a little bit, so mine will probably last a while. Speaking of which. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to encourage my birds to chew on wood?

Back to the topic. I usually hide treats and nuts in them, since my birds aren’t the craziest for healthy foods, but I did make up a little veggie block for Dougie.

Blurry picture but Dougie is in focus!

And here he is nomming a hot pepper with his happy crazy caique eyes!

Besides how totally awesome they are, Kris is an absolute DOLL to work with! She helped me find the proper size, and since I live in Canada, managed to get them shipped to me super cheap, and at a fair price (balancing costs, and how many blocks I should buy without going overboard!)

Definitely worth checking out!