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My Safe Bird Store


I constantly rave about how wonderful Kathie is at My Safe Bird Store. Seriously, she is AMAZING! Every time I get an order from her it is like Christmas as she wraps everything beautifully and with care! Plus she has the BEST products and BEST prices around!

Since she is in the USA, shipping gets expensive, so I usually make a few HUGE orders a year. I finally made my huge order of summer and.. well check it out!

I got some bags of her lovely mix, Bountiful Harvest, as well as a bag of Harrison’s High Potency Fine, and some Harrison’s Pepper Course (which I thought the birds might like, but they have been ignoring it!)

I also got some cleaning stuff – Pet Focus Concentrate (which works great, and smells great!) and the Carpet/Fabric Cleaner which I haven’t used yet.

I got two boings – a large one for outside the cage, and a small one to replace Douglas’ as his is unravelling. The craftmanship of these boings are AMAZING… they are so tightly woven that they are probably my most favourite ones I have purchased yet! I think I will cave and get another one for Kyoko next time 🙂

I also got two King’s Stainless Steel locking dishes, which I haven’t been too impressed with. They are nice and shiny, and lock well, but despite being the “same size” they only fit into the certain bracket they came with, and one of them is very hard to get in and out. I seem to have the worst luck with stainless steel dishes! hehe.

I bought some herb salad, and some manu blocks (which I have heard good things about). As well as a foraging carosel toy, a loofa buddy, and this awesome rainbow shoelace toys that Douglas is in love with! I got him a talking telephone toy too but he is pretty aggressive with it, and I’m worried it’ll one day decide to retaliate and hit him in the face!

Anyways, I totally recommend buying all your birdie stuff from Kathie. She is AMAZING! And if she doesn’t have it, she can usually find it for you! So check out My Safe Bird Store 🙂



I finally caved and bought a sprouter. Since I want sprouting to be apart of my birds daily meals, I was starting to run out of room with all my crazy non-space-saavy sprouting devices.

So I was hearing great things about this Biosnacky glass jar, and i ended up finding this three tiered one. I bought it and it came in the mail!

Right now I am working on my first harvest, and will be sure to post pictures of it’s progress. I’m super excited!

Right now I have some mung beans, and two China Prairie Sprouts in there (both the Pscittacine and Micrograins).

I’m so excited to see how things are going to turn out! Can you tell? hehe

Food Update


So far the diet is going….. OK.

The birds still love their pellet, nut mix too much. I am giving them a LOT less of it, and taking it out at night so they HAVE to eat their veggies lol.

I also added some fruit to Douglas’ diet… caiques are ALWAYS on the go, so the fruit helps fuel their energy. After reading more and more about them, a lot of people compare them to lorikeet’s and actually sometimes offer lorikeet food as a treat! Might buy some nectar one day. Anyways, on top of the veggies (or after the veggies rather…) Douglas will get some fruit just before I go to school, maybe a tablespoon on top of his veggies, and Kyoko will get half.

Here is the mix I just made up… it has pineapples, strawberries, pears, peaches, blueberries… and just YUM!

New Diet


Usually when I am feeling depressed, i try to change a few things in my life… I get tired of being stuck in the same rut, so change helps.

This time I think I am going to change up what my birds eat. I want them to eat a more fresh diet. For two reasons… 1) it’s probably better for them… and 2) it’s cheaper… because… well 3) we waste a lot of veggies (the human we) and I order my pellets from Kathie at My Safe Bird Store and it gets expensive with shipping!!!!

Of course i’m not cutting out all pelleted foods, that would be a nightmare for people who have to watch my birds, plus pellets also have all the vitamins and minerals I may be missing.

So far, this is what I have planned. In the mornings they get my only small non-food processing version of “Chop“. I don’t have a food processor, and we have a small freezer, so I can only make small weekly portions that I can keep in my fridge, hehe. This week we had romaine lettuce, LOTS of carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, red and green peppers and some frozen veggies. Hopefully I can change it up every week. So every morning I plan on giving them about two tablespoons of that each. That’s enough for them to graze on, but not enough that it will sit in their cage all day and go bad.

I’m thinking of leaving a small bowl of pellets for them during the day, since I am away at school. That way if they are hungry they won’t starve (so paranoid of my birds starving!!!) and they still get to eat their fun pellet mixes! They love eating the nuts, and pumpkin seeds, and dehydrated fruits and veggies!

I think I might make my own instead of ordering from Kathie. As much as I ADORE her mixes (and the birds too!) the shipping is just WAY too much and they go through that mix like NUTS! Instead I might make my own, consisting of Hagen Tropimix, Pretty Bird Gold Pellets, TOPs, and Roudybush, and whatever nuts and stuff I can find at the local bulk food store.

In the evenings, I plan on making them a warm cookable food. The only problem I have with making cookables is that it is hard to make SMALL portions of it. And it’s no fun feeding the same reheated stuff every day! Makes me wish I had more birds so I can feed lots of birds at a time!

Hehe, anyways! That’s the plan. What do you think?