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I’ve been busy with school, which I decided to drop and now I have free time to spend time with my birdies ❤

The birds have been fantastic lately with lots of chatter and energy and we are all feeling good with the sunshine! They now get fruits and veggies first thing in the morning, and now they both look at me and DEMAND their fresh food (so no more sleeping in for me!)

But the most EXCITING thing so far is we finally got a Wingdow! It is an awesome plexiglass perch that attaches to the window. It catchs all the mess, and best part is – the birds can’t rip off the suction cups to go tumbling to their doom! Aleta of Wingdow had a few “imperfect wingdows” in which she sold discounted, so I hopped on this right away. Check out Coco’s Blog for a more thorough review.

Regardless both my guys LOVE IT! (Douglas especially, he is the hog). I got it with a dragonwood perch and a stainless steel toy hook, and that paired with a boing I have hung by my window, Douglas is FINALLY playing on his own and leaving me alone! Yahoo!


Bad Me!


I’ve been neglecting the internet world lately! I’ve just been SO busy with life and work and I just felt like breaking the internet ties for a bit.

I started reading the forums again (just browsing though) and posted some updated pics of my babies – who are both doing fabulously, by the way!

Since work has slowed down a lot, and I have too much free time, I decided I should start working on improving their diets (again) and station training.

As much as I love them flying over to hang out with me, sometimes I want them to stay at their designated spots. I am thinking of buying some large boings to hang over my desk so they have somewhere to hang out while I work… or maybe I’ll just rearrange my room completely, we’ll see!

Besides station training, Kyoko really needs to learn potty training (trying to teach her to fly to her cage when she needs to poop) and she does that about 60% of the time.

Also diet… I’ve been super lazy lately, and they usually just get their pellets with a seed mix, and a small dish of veggies. I think I will start making their veggie mash again, as well as some cooked pasta. I noticed they don’t really like their pellets, so this might be a good idea to help them get all the nutrients they need without having to choke down pellets, haha.

Despite that… that’s all 🙂

Bath Time!


Douglas takes showers with me, but Kyoko is a bath girl. And she LOVES her bathes!

She will fly towards any sounds of running water, and I can’t lie… she has tried to bathe in a flushing toilet before… GROSS! Here are some pics from our latest voyage!

What a Month/Week/Year?


I haven’t posted in a LONG time. And I’m sorry! I want posting to become more regular and I promise it will be!

So what’s new with me? One, I am done school for the year, but I am taking two classes in summer school. Two, I have a job at Medieval Times as a photo wench. It’s a pretty neat place and I enjoy working there! Despite the drama… but it’s nice to make money to support my bird-toy-buying addiction, plus I am learning how to use my dSLR better! (And I get to dress up in a fun costume!)

As with birds, I considered rehoming Kyoko and almost gave her away today. The reason is that she and Douglas have been fighting a lot. My room is very small (8 x 10 feet) so it is hard to give them their own separate spaces. Amazingly, it’s usually my little Quaker that attacks Douglas, and he retaliates… and well since he is bigger, Kyoko is usually the one that gets hurt!

I had an owner in mind, and we made arrangements, but last minute I decided that in no circumstances can she be clipped. For now I am going to try to make it work, but i still worry about them, and wonder if maybe I may need to find another home for her, but at the same time… I’d miss her SO MUCH!

So that’s my life in a nutshell.

Let Me Out!


Kyoko is the epitome of cuteness… seriously! This is how she woo’s me to let her out of her cage.


“Can I come out please?”

“How About now?”


It’s so funny how she turns her head upside down, and it ALWAYS wins me over (unless I need to go out). Little trickster 🙂