Hurt :(


Someone posted this on one of my videos. It made me so upset.

“There’s a good chance he’s being such a “bad boy” because you’re terrorizing the poor thing. How can you think this is funny? I sincerely hope you get bored of that beautiful bird and give it to a better home.”

It’s a video of Douglas trying to chew on my laptop cord, and i had the camera and brought it close to him which made him growl and get angry because when he wants to do something… he wants to do it.

I just feel so bad, and now I think maybe I am very mean to my birds!


3 responses »

  1. You’re not. It’s probably posted by some hater who doesn’t live with birds or understand them at all. I wouldn’t pay any attention to it, Ming-Ming, it’s probably just a troll. ❤

  2. People on YT post ignorant, asinine responses ALL the time. Don’t listen to strangers who know absolutely zip about your life, your birds lives, and how you care for them.

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