Emergency! Donations needed.


This is taken from Parrot Nation.

“There is a dying man in Troy Ohio who had 130+ birds. He is an  item hoarder, and his house has been condemned due to the filth and garbage. He had no power or water. So he moved in with his sister, leaving behind his birds in 105 degree weather. No food, other than piles of raw peanuts and no clean water. Many of the birds were just turned loose in the home. After much red tape and foot dragging, the small (and brand new) Miami Valley bird rescue was able to get permission to get into the house and feed/water birds and assess their condition. The humane society has given the man 2 weeks to clean things up before they will seize the birds. The ladies found dozens and dozens of dead birds. The remaining 80+ birds were all extremely stressed, hot and starving. Reports are that they actually lunged at the food they were so hungry. The ladies fed out more than 40 lbs of pellets. They will be going back every day to feed and water the birds. However, they don’t have the necessary funds to keep buying this amount of food. I shipped them off 2 50lb bags of pellets this morning and contacted Harrison’s and Lafabers for some donations. I paid the shipping on the nutriberries so they could go out today. They really need donations of either cash or food. I’ve found the easiest way to send food is to just call and order it and have it sent directly to the bird group. They will also need help placing these birds once they are relinquished. I have room at Best Friends for the greys, but there are dozens of macaws and some cockatoos needing placement. All in all, about 80 birds are going to need somewhere to land. They also need some experienced assistance. If anyone is up for a road trip, now would be a good time. If you can help at all, food, cash, money or time you can contact Kim Seitz, 937-440-0016  or 937-308-2509 . Donations can be sent to Miami Valley Bird Rescue, Attn Kim, 4445 E State RT 41, Troy, Ohio 45373.  They also have a PayPal account set up at Kim’s email address: kseitz63@frontier.com If you would like more info, you can contact me at Best Friends: 435-644-2001  ext 4211. I should also have pictures by tomorrow, but my understanding is that they are probably too graphic to share….”


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  2. Wow r freaking kidding me! This must be fake cuz our help was turned away! We are a real rescue & I’m sorry there is soo many fakes like this! If it were not they would let us help which they refuted! Just remove the freaking birds this is crazy

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