Food Update


So far the diet is going….. OK.

The birds still love their pellet, nut mix too much. I am giving them a LOT less of it, and taking it out at night so they HAVE to eat their veggies lol.

I also added some fruit to Douglas’ diet… caiques are ALWAYS on the go, so the fruit helps fuel their energy. After reading more and more about them, a lot of people compare them to lorikeet’s and actually sometimes offer lorikeet food as a treat! Might buy some nectar one day. Anyways, on top of the veggies (or after the veggies rather…) Douglas will get some fruit just before I go to school, maybe a tablespoon on top of his veggies, and Kyoko will get half.

Here is the mix I just made up… it has pineapples, strawberries, pears, peaches, blueberries… and just YUM!


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