Bulk food!


I went to the bulk food stores to make my “junk mix” as I call it. It has lots of goodies in it for the birds… some seeds, nuts, fruits, etc. I am mixing it with my pellets. I think I’ll go 80% pellets, 20% mix. This is what I will give them a bit in the cage during the day. I didn’t realize how much I bought until I went home and mixed it all together!!!

This is the bran cereal, granola, and some veggie flakes.

Added some roasted soybeans, chickpeas, pepitas, sunflower seeds, and chilli peppers.

And then the raisins, dried mango, banana chips.. voila! The junk mix 🙂

I am considering ordering some dehydrated veggies online to add to the mix it make it less junk-y, haha. I can’t find ANY in the city, which annoys me, and the stuff I do find is heavily salted. Unfortunately, I have to order from the USA and shipping gets nasty!

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  1. Avian Organics makes a few veggie mixes like Cazuela, Pura Vida, and Calypso Carrot. My birds really like Pura Vida. There is also Goldenfeast’s Gardenflora Blend, Gardenflora Blend II, and Veggie Crisps. I don’t know if you can easily get Goldenfeast in Canada, I know it is an American company. I love Gardenflora Blend, Australian Blend, Petite Hookbill Blend, Treat Petite, and Tropic Fruit Pudding IV: Bits & Pieces. By me I mean my birds.

    • That’s an interesting idea. I might get some avian organics stuff once they have another sale… I’m DYING to try their new blueberry treat sticks!

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