Foraging Fun!


My birds have been VERY restless lately! They aren’t used to me going to school for most of the day and being cooped up in their cages! Over the Christmas break they were out ALL day, so it’s a big adjustment! Needless to say, my birds, Douglas in particular, has a LOT of pent up energy!

I saw this on Hungry’s Birds blog. And it is a girl who also has a caique and does fun foraging projects. Check her out here. (Not sure if she still updates her blog?). Her caique seems to LOVE foraging, while Douglas… not so much. But neither do I give him a lot of opportunity besides wrapping up little white cups with treats inside.

So I had a spare basket after redoing their cages, so I decided to make one up for him. Kyoko, NEVER forages (not even the little white cups), so I made her a small one. I’m not going to put them in yet, but save them for tomorrow. I’ll put them in a bit before school so I can get some pics, then leave them with them all day and see what the results are!

Douglas has a wicker basket. Inside (clockwise around) a large wiffle ball stuffed with treats and crinkle paper. Loofah stuffed with treats. Bagel. White condiment cup with treats inside. Finger traps with treats and crinkle paper. Yucca block, partly hollowed out for a treat. And a long tube bagel with treats.

As you can tell, my birds are very food oriented. They got a lot of their greens and fruits. But their “special treats” (like nutriberries, ovenfresh bites, etc.) are always saved for foraging, or for super rewards.

The complete basket. I also threw some treats right inside the crinkle paper, to get him to explore, as well as some wood and other little toys.

Kyoko’s basket is a lot simple. I’m not going to close the box because she’ll completely ignore it, and the treats are kind of right there out in the open. Hopefully she’ll figure it out 🙂 And of course… I gave her a bell!

I want to give it to them now! But I’ll wait 🙂



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  1. Hollowing out a piece of yucca and stuffing it with treats is a genius idea! I have some Chompers left over and I will try that with one of them. I wonder what I should put inside. I’ve never tried offering my bird a box of toys to play around with. They seem to be afraid of boxes. I once put a cardboard box in for them to shred and they wouldn’t even go on the bottom of the cage until I took it out.

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