Visiting Banjo


Banjo is a blue and gold macaw that I ADORE who belongs to my breeder. He loves me too ❤ You can see him in my picture on the side bar. When I was at my parents I decided to pay him a visit. I made him a nice big toy which he pretty much decimated in a few hours, and gave him some large palm nuts.


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    • He’s been my breeders pet since he was a baby. He adores her! But she is getting older, and he doesn’t get as much attention as he used to. Most of the volunteers are scared of him because he is very high strung and he picks up on peoples fear and well… totally takes advantage of it!
      Sadly he is picking due to sexual frustration 😦 There was a female B&G with him for a while, but she was just a neighbour and she was trying to find a new home. When she went away he started picking. My breeder was able to get her back, but it didn’t help him, and he started to pick even MORE!
      So now we just have our naked bellied Banjo!

  1. Awwww…. He seems like a really cute and outgoing fella, besides his plucked feathers. I hope he gets out of the habit. 😦

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