I’m home FINALLY!

The birds are happy to be back in their cages FULL of toys, and I’m happy to be back to a normal routine. School starts tomorrow (sadly) and I really need to be studious this year since I’ve decided I really would like to apply for vet school!

I also have more food! WHOO! I made an order with Kathie at My Safe Bird Store and got some nice cookables from Golden Feast! I got the Pasta Ensalada and South Caribbean ( a mix of the South American and Caribbean blend) I’m SO excited to cook it up!

I also have some Just Strawberries mix from Just Tomatoes.. but I ordered those for me 😛

Annnnnd I got lots of neat toys from Scooter Z, I think they are my FAVOURITE toy maker.. I love the bling bling!

Dinner is here! Later!


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