And of course it gets worse…


I posted an innocent rant on my forum. Of course I thought, hey maybe it would be nice to get some anger out with people who understand.

Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned and I’ve seen a lot of faults in my bird set up. The fact that I don’t have space to put everything out of bird reach just makes me realize more and more that I am not a capable bird owner. I don’t have the right kind of space for them. And now I am just sitting her bawling and I don’t know what to do!

So yes. I realize it is completely 100% my fault for leaving these things in the open for Kyoko to chew. So I guess since I don’t have space in my 8 x 10 foot room for me to put stuff away to stop her from chewing… I shouldn’t own birds right? Cause that’s what it sure sounds like.

EDIT: Sorry, it’s not like me to ever speak ill of anyone. I’m just so upset. I tried to edit my post without taking the general gist out of it.


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