Wood Dye!


For those of you who know me, I’ve been trying to start a small toy business for quite a while. I have a website and everything, but no product!!!

I bought this food dye from Rosie Toy’s a few months ago, and I decide to try to dye some plain hardwood pieces I have. I once tried it with normal food colouring, but it did NOT work! But this stuff worked BEAUTIFULLY!

I ordered some more colours of dye since I only have… Mint Green and Electric Blue. And I found a great website for the Canadians out there to order some dye! And for those Americans, the dye is called AmeriColour Soft Gel Paste. It works amazingly well… all you need is a few drops in water.. or rubbing alcohol – but I didn’t have any. It was about $2.50 for a small 3/4 oz bottle. And it works beautifully!

Another brand I hear good things about is Vitacritter. But I’ve never used it before! So hopefully I can get some wood in and start making toys! Yahoo! ❤


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