Skewer Breakfast


I got a new skewer from My Bird Safe Store. It’s a stainless steel Scooter Z one, and well obviously I was excited to use it! I have another one from previous years that’s a grape skewer so Kyo was lucky to get that one lol.

This morning I gave them some hard boiled egg, a tomato, and some red and green peppers… Christmas themed!

Unfortunately… my birds are kind of lazy. Or rather Douglas is. He hates eating off of skewers, so the only way I got him to do so was to place it on the ground. Kyo was a bit more adventurous :p

Regardless, they ate it all. YAY!


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  1. Wow I love the idea of Christmas skewers! My birds sometimes eat everything on their skewers but more often they ignore them! The only way I can get everyone to eat is by putting bok choy or some other leafy green on them.

    • Honestly Douglas just does not have the patience for them… he hates how it just swings around HAHA. But he has no issue for them on the bottom of the cage. Kyoko has more patience thankfully, haha. Spoiled birds just expect to be hand fed everything!

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