The Play Area


I’ve mentioned that my birds have literally taken over my room. Well, here is their play tree.

They also have a rope atom type thing hangingby the window, and also a little rope ladder/bridge that hangs from my curtain rod (where there are toys) to the cage, and a super nice swing from Scooter Z! It’s refillable and stainless steel! Super nice! Too bad the birds don’t like it as much as I do!

Then, they have a table top stand on top of their cage, with a net attached (that I made) and some chubes!



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  1. Whaaat?!?! You have the coolest set up ever! I never knew you had all that cool stuff! Okay, question time! Where did you get that awesome purple coiled rope that’s on the side of the cage near the bottom? Where did you get the play stand? What is that colorful swing with the green bottom made out of and where did you get it? Is that the Scooter Z one?

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