My Day with the Birds


I suppose I am a very lax bird owner, as bird owners come. My birds are basically out all day when I am home and cage doors are rarely closed.

The birds put themselves to sleep at night, usually around midnight, sometimes later. I stay up late, but I dim the lights, and they usually chose to stay up and play with me. I leave the cage doors open. We all usually wake up around 9 in the morning. I will give them their breakfast of their staple dried pellet diet. Then Kyoko will fly over to me in bed, and we’ll cuddle and nap a little more under the covers. (DANGEROUS IF YOU’RE A HEAVY NAPPER). When I finally get up, if I don’t have anywhere to rush to, I usually make some mash or cookable bird foods with some fresh fruit and veggies. Then the birds are out until I am gone for school, in which they go back into their cage and get to watch some childrens TV shows, lol.

When I am home, they are out in my bedroom. It’s a small room, but we do okay in it. Kyoko has been flighted since a baby, so she flies around like an idiot and has a bunch of “designated perches” for her to hang out on. Douglas is flighted, but wasn’t allowed to fledge, so he usually climbs around on the play area beside and on top of the cage.

Some birds do better with a strict schedule (Especially a sleeping schedule), but being a student my life is extremely sporadic, and I also move around  a lot. Amazingly, the birds have adjusted very well. Douglas due to his ADD nature, and Kyoko since she has been traveling with me since she was 3 weeks old 🙂

Then in the evenings I usually sit at my desk and study. Douglas will come over and bug me by hopping around the desk and stealing my pens! Usually they go back in their cages at this point if I am seriously studying, as two birds trying to win my attention get’s annoying, hehe. Then I will let them out for a bit one at a time. Usually i make them a quick evening ‘wet meal’ to keep them off my back for a while, but they’d much rather bug me instead!

Then bed time, and our sporadic schedule continues!


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